demonstration TX – taken using t/ ATG4ghz SSB w/ TVI – audio follows

bb will QRO w/ reconx t/ eve STOP miss u miss u 88s + good DX! STOP V-Touch @ 2100H mmm 30

[Pic is related to my QSP test @0725H 2day]

Last nite put t/ Opti-Beam 7 Elements up STOP what a gr8 ant.!! hot reports re: nu MED. release / btb beaming the OB-9-2 band to you… 73,s

[Pic is sundwn:K37X courtesy of TAV-east]

This is a Telemetry Five Channels Beacon, only for a small portion in SB, because we use UHF ( at 432.500 Mhz in “F3a” ). U R t/ best!!

[Pic is re-entry t/ eve c.20:00H – ♥breaker100]

K1PH: RCD t/ nu IC-420s 🙂 STOP will QRO @ 1600H STOP actvy in t/ N. hills b4 dawn = R.Silence STOP PSE QSP THIS MSG > HQ ASAP

[Pic is Lrise c2100H prior 2 attack]

///∆ƒ: RCING ur TXs XLT CLR nw! STOP i’m stll @ same CO-ords STOP qut thruout nite = poss breakout ltr 2day STOP call me

[Pic is 6:58H PSE compare 2 prvs lunar version]

eastern time 20.00H STOP I CAN HR U DURING MY SIGS PSE QSK STOP QRX @ 01.00H want 2 vtouch much 88bb

[Fl Rs this eve HE TX ON QRG 14205 kHz]

Pre-6 rise this morn STOP they were taping us again – across the water this time! STOP refuge in t/ bush + most of day scrmblng STOP can’t VT 2nite 🙁 STOP 882U — · —/· · · — —/— — · · ·/— · · —

Jupiter effect on this Summer’s Es season disrupted t/ daytime meteors & stole a few STOP Next year it will be worse w/ J’s cnjnctn of t/ Sun & βeta Taurids STOP we can ski 4 ur b/day again!!

VideoTouch-ing last night was 100 – ♥love all the way – so GD 2 b back w/ u, if only 4 a CPL of HRs – i’m here 4 the next 24: my station radio: icom 2620 V/U, yaesu 7700, yaesu 817 ZF, yaesu 450D, kenwood 440 ts. antennas : dipole 20//40 mt auto made, malcotts bb10V HF 6/80 MT – 88bb

bb PLZ ck ur clbk stop RFI all nite long = miss u 2 bad stop wrote ur nombre b/wards in my bk stop BCI reminds me of our hot times UNDRGRND w/ the 1200kpm RTTY we CNSTRD stop 73 stop SINE = 37 stop eastern time 23:57 NN BTFL

QRV ON 14,250.mhz HF: SSB vy73 .and second freq.#ic 14,O6O ON THE cq100, program CW ;HI AND :the DX NETT ;FREQ;14,26O eastern time 10.00 hi wish ur well camm,BABY TACE CARE

Crossing the Bosphorus Bridge using a Diamond HF20FX Monoband mobile ant. 73 to all stations picking up my call!

[Picture is related to my activity from 4O during Aug 2012 from JN92VK.]

I’ve been writing CPs in support of my RA all this time. Some of them are classics. I wrote the first MC teaching program to be published by TAV (June 2012). The PC version still gets a dozen a day, but I regret that one thing I’ve never mastered is confirming Q-sos and collecting the confirmations myself. Please forgive me if I owe you a card.

I’ve been off and on ever since. Every few years I try something new & that gets my ham juices running once again. I discovered 10m FM a sunspot cycle ago & had a blast with that. Then, in the lull, I finally mastered cw. More recently I’ve jumped into psk-31 and then irlp.

I’ve been hamming since my days at ******. I would drag the crystal controlled dx-60 over to the Collins s-line station so that I could be Rock bound & still enjoy the selectivity of a 200Hz mechnical filter on the then crowded novice bands.

By the time I was a junior I was operating my own SB-101 into invisible magnet wire strung outside my dorm room window. I met my life long friends *** and ***** with this setup. They broke to talk about ****** where they would be headed the folowing year.

I’d met ***** my last year there. She studied morse while we drove cross country. While passing through SF the hams on the local repeater encouraged her to try for the General at their FCC field office. She did and has been N9JKO since!