WINT BOZEL  gutted for Nico
K37X  enshitened
K37X  totes
WB  imagine when Nico starts saying “let me go” – not tlkng, tho – ppl just start hearing those words when close to her HI HI
K37X  can’t help thinking…people who build robots r cnts
WB i know! i thought about the guy who specialises in making them aware…what a bstrd
K37X  want to hit him…can we?
K37X  how?
WB  well, we could find him…
K37X  Nico’s got a smiley, yeah?
WB  yeh! a smiley face of mars! HI HI
K37X  obv bov vbo
WB  look, she’s smiling!
K37X  100…trying to make a face she thinks we’ll get on to

WB  …spring action on the right…
WB  trying! Nico is trying, mate!!
K37X  we have to kl Nico[s]
WB  for her own gd
WB  …& ours
WB  dec 21st
WB  !
K37X  oof…crying out
WB  BigDog
K37X  fk off!!

WINT BOZEL  yo…was away long-time
K37X  “DigitalNoose”
…a virtual suicide experience™
WB  HI HI HI…Nvlvng what?
K37X  “man, i was so sick i did 2 YSTDAY morning”
WB  like video/vibration seat
K37X  EXP: sudden, all-enveloping VR EXPNC of “t/ drop” + time spent hngng in happiness
WB  wow …hngng in hppnss
K37X  X.
imagine something akin 2 t/ way some ppl like 2 hold t/ smoke in 4 a long-time…
K37X  “smtms i like to hang as much as 10 mins”
“get the most out of it”
in rlty, ur jst lying down, immersed100
+REM, obv
WB  plz
K37X  obv, in 2.0 u can choose dif skins etc
WB  u can pick famous skins! …like hang as Macca
K37X  HI HI!! mmm
“my personal fave is to jump from a shack full of VC that i’ve just gren’d, into t/ line of machine gun fire coming from the jngl…”
WB  wow!
K37X  “obv, i’ve surpassed the rope…gone 4 adventure100 ltly”
WB  lad…I’d like to drive straight into a train in the middle of ahigh speed chase
or be hunted by Norris in ‘Haunted By Norris 3.0’
…a virtual ghost in the style of C.Nrrs
K37X  DigitalNooseXS v6.2.01 …i need i need
“bring it back to the future!”

WB  oof
K37X  VITA STOCK = life stock
ATV >•< Northern Songs, nat. WB  FK
WB  !

WINT BOZEL  how’s yee?
K37X  pretty kane
K37X  but caught the sun little too much 
K37X  went on the boat
WB  oof…tanned? or just sick?
K37X  really tried to stay clear…but the cnt got in there
WB  the bstd
K37X  shite when you have to wear screen in the fkng shade!

K37X  RFI watching Coleman last night
WB  hi hi…he’s pure smpns, isnt he?
K37X  100
K37X  …only 1 prob…how can he b allowed to divulge TS info?
WB  well he’s TAV, isn’t he?
WB  says himself
K37X  i want to see his answer…
WB  handed some TAV docs in Africa…then let in all these libraries by Pyaar Msns
K37X  none of these people would let him tk
WB  so he must be saying shit they want him to say…he looks heavily cnfsd by it
K37X  ja, TAVdecoyMAX
WB  u reckon he bevvies?
K37X  confused++ HI HI
K37X  drinkies100
WB  totes
K37X  def, not a lot…but regular, like
K37X  “the only way i can dull these voices”
K37X  …always best to have a few people telling the truth, so it’s not so obv
WB  deffs
WB  does he claim he was an agent? who then left?
K37X  ja…they sign the NSA
WB  of course
K37X  …DJC talking about the boat that anchors off the coast of Venice “and all the world’s bankers” meet there for sex parties++
WB  HI HI! Club Of Rome. love it
K37X  2 hot font for CoR books

K37X  imagine: u, me, Coleman, SS&S & Ward…all in the same room
WINT BOZEL  oh mate!
K37X  #TAVmagick
WB  i’d pay to see that
WB  !
K37X  you will
WB  shall we arrange it?
K37X  plz!!
K37X  TopJob
WB  cigars & whisky, some vinyl…ooof
WB  + a few cameras, double ranged
K37X  we could watch QEII and comment
WB  HI HI HI…all of us round a lptp
K37X  100
WB  …from the video chat view, like all of us in the corner
K37X  oh my god – i’d poop
WB  …end up in a sort of porno + mass suicide
K37X  so HT 4 that

WINT BOZEL  i really want to hear a new kind of musick
K37X  like i said years ago…the only new musick to come is either combos of old music…OR musick with nodal stimulation…
WB  weird…i hate all that shit
K37X  you won’t though…
WB  i wont be there, la
K37X  …imagine a musick that makes you laugh…every time…
WB  i’m deffo not taking part
K37X  smack…but cleaned up by EMI
K37X  yeah…don’t wanna take part either
WB  cut with EMI
K37X  EMI(T)